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In 1970, Mrs. Hannah Hawkins husband was murdered and she became a very young
widow with 5 children to raise, she was devastated, lost, and had no support system. At
that moment she made a covenant with God, that if he would allow her the strength to get
up out of that bed she would serve those that are less fortunate. That pledge became a full
time job for Mrs. Hawkins and in the early 80’s out her home she founded  "The Children
of Mine Youth Center" and began providing hot meals daily for children in the community.
She also provided clothing, tutoring and a host of additional services to needy children
from the ages of 4 yrs. - 18yrs. in her community with her own money. Later on, Mrs.
Hawkins moved the program to two abandoned apartments in a housing project called
"Sheridan Terrace" in SE Washington.  Back in those early years that section of town S.E.
was a poor community that was a crime ridden village where drug dealers preyed on
young children, mothers and fathers. There were drive by shootings, murders, gangs,
police cars sirens and helicopters all during the day and night.

providing for children all over the Metropolitan area (Washington, DC, Maryland, and Virginia) and an after-school program evolved. In 1992, the
Children of Mine Youth Center relocated once again to a larger facility called the "Southeast Neighborhood House" where it currently is today.
The number of children Mrs. Hawkins served soon increased because the children would tell other children in need so she found herself This
was a former community center and property that was owned by the Southeast House Organization, but the program closed and the property
was left abandon and neglected for years until Mrs. Hawkins searched and found the owners and asked them if she could rent the building to
continue providing services to children in the community.
Founder/Director: Mrs. Hannah Hawkins
The Center provides opportunities and choices to enhance the lives of the children through love, security, education, and effective
communication.  Many of the students are latch-key children, and many come from homes where there is chronic substance abuse. These
children often fend for themselves. Mrs. Hawkins had a vision to prevent these at-risk children from becoming children in crisis but instead she
wanted to impact their lives in a profound way.  
intelligence of children. They are just like
sponges. They will adsorb anything that
you give them. I will say to you just like I
say to them every night, ‘Poison in, poison
out. Love in, love out.’ And that’s what we
try to give them: love, consistency,
understanding, and patience.”

-Hannah M. Hawkins